Real Estate Management System

Business Cycle Automation | Cash Flow Planning | Customer Relationship Management

Real Estate CRM Solution

Purplstack is a ready-to-use, end-to-end revenue and customer management solution built on salesforce platform to address specific challenges in marketing, sales and collections in the real estate industry. The solution is born out of our decades of expertise in technology with deep domain experience in real estate business processes. Purplstack helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by seamlessly enabling real-time tracking of leads, sales automation, collection and customer relationship management trends. It is ready-to-use and highly configurable, therefore, significantly reduces implementation risks and accelerates time to go-live enabling quicker business transformation turnarounds and better ROI.

The only platform you would need to manage your entire real estate business performance.

From pre-sales-marketing processes with schemes and offers to post purchase cycles with construction linked payment plans, construction agreements, demand notices and receipts, we have got everything covered for you post sales.

Business and Purchase Cycle Automation

Manage inventory online real time with automated pricing structures, payment schedules, online discount approvals, etc

Pre-Sales and Marketing Operations

Ensure better lead to sale conversion, lower cost per lead & cost per sale and enable faster sales closures.

Cash Flow Planning & Financial Operation

Plan your cash flow management better with real time receivables data, ageing data drilled down at the project level.

Customer Relationship Management

Improve customer experience via automated onboarding, communications, surveys on products and services.

Improve Revenue and Critical Cash Flows of your Real Estate Business

Purplstack improves sales conversions, reduces booking cancellations and legal repercussions by automating standard operating processes around important customer communication areas. Welcome to the era for paperless customer cycle management!

Most Comprehensive View Of Your Real Estate Business Performance

With PurplStack, get a hawk's-eye view of your financial data and performance. Get complete control of business transactions and customer interactions.

Fast tracked, Low risk Implementation

Our 'out of box' solution requires only configuration and data management. Significantly reduce implementation risks. Transform your real estate business operations in 30-60 days and realize quick returns on your investment.

Deep Domain Expertise and Technology Expertise

Backed by decades of expertise in technology with deep domain experience in Real Estate business processes.

Stable, Secure and Scalable Technology

Our RERA compliant solution built on Salesforce (R) platform is highly secure, scalable and agile. This means your customer and financial data is completely safe on the cloud, responsive to process changes and scalable with your business demands.

Improve Revenue and Critical Cash Flows of your Real Estate Business

Automate your business and customer life cycle management processes to improve your real estate business performance. End-end Revenue Management, from customer acquisition to receipt with taxation.

Supercharge your Pre-Sales and Marketing RoI


Indepth Lead Management Features

Ensure no leads go unattended. Significantly improve marketing effectiveness through the robust lead capture and lead follow-up modules.


Track Real-time Marketing Effectiveness

360 degree marketing automation with seamless integration with call, sms and email marketing frameworks to measure marketing effectiveness.


Real-time Data Analytics and Dashboard

Exhaustive, real-time and insightful reports and dashboard allow analysis of marketing, sales, inventory and customer metrics.

Automated real-time controls on pricing

Enables quicker turnaround of prospects and brings faster closure in sales. Access your quotation, pricing details, tax details and discount information online real-time without diluting requisite approvals.

Dramatically Transform Your Real Estate Business Operations Post-Sales

Significantly improve collection efficiency and business performance post sales. Over 10+ modules allows you to manage
everything post sales to fulfill the last mile of the real estate business process automation cycle.

Inbuilt taxation modules

Intuitive Broker management

Automate receivables and demand notices

Advanced Payment milestone & collection modules

Realtime business performance analytics & dashboard

Manage agreements with inbuilt documentation solution

World class customer service management

Features tailor-made for Real Estate Enterprises

Seawind comes with over 30+ modules for automating the entire workflow of business processes automation associated with pre-sales, sales and post-sales. Better turnaround times, structured processes, integrated dashboards and real-time data analytics makes this solution an ideal partner for improving your business productivity and ROI.