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An Enterprise level E-commerce solution for Business:

E-commerce Market Place is a complete end-to-end E-commerce solution for companies who want to take their business online and mobile. The software suite is a one of a kind entity which has a ready-to-use code base that can be customized to suit the requirement of any business.

The main USP of this technology is its flexibility and UX design. With features such as Admin, Buyer dashboard, Seller dashboard, Inventory management, Bidding Process, Discount and Offer options, E-commerce Market Place is the best and most cost-effective solution that any business can invest in.

Features of E-commerce Market Place


Product Catalogue

Create beautiful and detailed product descriptions.


User Reviews

Allow buyers to go through user reviews and compare with other products.


Integration with your country’s payment options

The platform integrates with your chosen or intended payment gateway, and can support and currency.


Online Support and Documentation

A detailed documentation and support system that handles all registrations, queries and complaints.


Inventory Management

Easily manage your stock to satisfy growing user demands.


Search Functionality

Easy search filters to allow users find their products quicky.


Easily Create Pages, Content and Forms

Allows easily to create, edit, and pages and data on your platform.


Grow Websites

Allows room to grow, bring in new features and update product inventory.



Allow users to bid for competitive prices under different sales offers.


Returns and Exchange

Allow buyers to easily return their goods and track the process.


Site Security

Apart from standard security measures, many other perks have been included.


Customisable Design Options

Allow buyers to easily return their goods and track the process.

Sell innovatively on E-commerce Market Place platform:

E-commerce Market Place is a ready-to-use software solution that is robustly built and tested for optimum e-commerce performance.

There are many challenges which sellers face while selling their products in the online marketplace, especially the manufacturing industry. E-commerce Market Place simplifies the trading process and allows the sellers and buyers to carry out their transactions in a hassle-free manner.

It has a unique seller and buyer platform features that will change the way online trading takes place. Apart from being super-effective, it is bug-free and has been tested by skilled professionals. It ensures that a clean communication channel exists between all the parties and also keeps the transactions transparent at all times. Thus, in this way, E-commerce Market Place helps to makes your business more trustworthy.

Seller Platform

The seller platform on E-commerce Market Place is designed in a very comprehensive manner to ensure all important features are available for smooth transaction of business. In just a snapshot, the seller platform comes with the following features:

  • Product Catalogue: Detailed product features including image, dimensions, handling information, comparisons with other products and unified updation is included.
  • Inventory Management: Apart from nil investment on active inventory, the tool allows smooth access to all inventory, notifications for stockpiling, and easy options for bidding.
  • Pricing: Automated pricing tools allow sellers to adjust prices for products in a hassle-free manner and also help sellers maintain competitive prices
  • Bidding: Sellers can offer different types of bids such as range offer, open offer, and fixed offer. In this way, sellers can engage buyers and set different prices and quantities for buyers based on the requirement.
  • Shipping: The portal ensures that features such as shipping labels, serial number tracking. order acknowledgment, integration with third-party logistics etc are installed so that customer relations do not suffer.
  • Returns and Warranty: The marketplace software has a friendly interface to return the products and allows sellers to track returns and warranty emails from buyers. Announcement and notification emails can be set up so that no return/warranty orders get missed out.


Buyer platform

The E-commerce Market Place solution ensures that buyers have an easy and excellent shopping experience. Hence the software is designed keeping in mind the intuitive shopping behavior of customers. In a snapshot, below are the features of a Buyer platform on E-commerce Market Place.

  • Search Functionality: Buyers can search for the products based on the availability, handling times etc from the product database and verify its availability for dispatch.
  • Hot Sellers: Products are termed as hot sellers for user’s benefit depending on their sales, demand and market activity. This allows display of products which are more likely to be sold.
  • Recommended Products: Based on user’s previous purchases and browsing activity, products are recommended. This enables buyers to find their desired items easily.
  • Exchange: Buyers can exchange their old items or incorrect orders with new ones and can track the shipping and payment refunds through the buyer dashboard available in the software.
  • User Reviews: Buyers can go through user reviews for various products before making an informed decision of purchase.


Super Admin Platform

This tool manages the e-marketplace at a higher level. It can change the status of the product, manage the workflow from purchase till shipping, settle buyer or seller disputes and order governance. Admin will also have an option to communicate with both sellers and buyers through different modes like mail, instant messaging, notifications etc.

The Admin panel will also be able to manage the seller on-boarding process and ensure it is easy and hassle-free:


Communication Channels

A smooth communication channel is laid out between sellers, buyers and admin portals. The software allows for all three parties to collaborate while working. Communication between all the parties is allowed through push notifications, emails, and live chats.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning modules

For any e-commerce platform to succeed, it must possess the in-built intelligence and analytics to track consumer shopping patterns. The E-commerce Market Place product is programmed with advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms that help in predicting online shopping behavior. By using Neural Networks and Deep Learning in our ML algorithms, E-commerce Market Place provides you with the following features:

  • Predictive analysis of the performance of any campaign or product catalog
  • Suggest product recommendations and provide a personalized shopping experience to customers
  • Optimize pricing strategies with powerful back-end algorithms
  • Make data-driven decisions on inventory management and other e-commerce data
  • Get analytics to analyze and re-target customers with your products.

Benefits of using the E-commerce Market Place for e-commerce business

E-commerce Market Place is a unique solution for your online trading. It gives you the following benefits:

  1. The major benefit of using an online marketplace against other models is that there is no need to invest in the inventory. Since we are not selling any actual goods, the inventory costs are reduced.
  2. E-marketplaces offer a convenient way to compare prices and products from a single source rather than spending time contacting each individual supplier.
  3. There is more opportunity for global sales. There are many categories of the products which help the traders to explore the market in overseas sales.
  4. Marketplaces provide greater transparency as product availability, prices, stock levels are accessible in an open environment. Buyers can bid or buy the products with trust.
  5. Communication channels are more efficient.

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