Google released new algorithms for target hacked spam.


Posted on 2020-05-18 17:14:15, by Seawind

People who have websites that have been hacked and they have been spammed too, and then there is some big news now. Google has recently launched an algorithm that will target this.

In the Google Webmasters Blog, they have stated to the general public that there a hell lot of websites that are used for posting abusive content, malwares, obscene content and even sometimes to promote sales of banned drugs to the general public. This is also done primarily to generate the traffic of the websites.

As a result of this now, there will be more and more genuine websites. So the people who indulge in such activities will be facing a lot of backlash on the internet in terms of ranking. The algorithm impact will be on the website will also depend on the language used. It will be dependent on the type of keywords used and will hence display the relevant results in the SERP.

Now the main impact will be on the number of results we obtain in the search we do.Now, less number of results will be displayed as there will be filter out of the irrelevant spam and pages of such pages will be automatically filter out the whole website from the search.

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