Benefits Of Having Business Email On Own Servers


Posted on 2020-08-20 17:59:56, by Seawind

As Reported Gmail server down!

A large number of users have reported that they have been facing an error while using Google’s email client, Gmail, for the past hour. As per the report, the problem is being faced in India and other parts of the world too.

A report stated that Google Drive too was unable to share, upload and download the files.

Meanwhile, Google said in a statement that “We are continuing to investigate this issue. We will provide an update detailing when we expect to resolve the problem.” “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information shortly,” it added.

Outage Report also shows a similar spike for Gmail.

Running a Business? - Have Email of Your Own Domain Name

Building your business credibility and brand reputation, there will be many decisions to make. when you start your business, you put in your creativity to come up with a name that is appealing, easy to remember and best describes your business.

Using a professional email ID for your business with your brand name in it, is one particular aspect that can increase the brand value of your business.

Uncertain in spite of being using a free email service, unaware affecting your business, how you can benefit by getting an email on domain of your business website,

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Some Of The Benefits Of Corporate Mail Id In Own Server

Get Instant Brand Recognition

Having a business class email ID on your domain has an extension of your business name and looks like It leads to instant brand recognition and promotes branding of your business.

Own Brand Promotion

By using a free email service, you are not promoting your own business but, promoting the free service providers – Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. By getting email on your domain, you will be promoting your own business brand with each email communication.

Look More Trustworthy

The latter part of your email ID coming after @ sign contains the domain name of your website ( where the customers can reach you to get more insight into your business. Here, they can learn that something concrete exists and they can trust you.

Organized and Expanded

You can create a number of email IDs on your own domain name like,,, etc. and even assign each employee a separate email ID with his name. With this, your business seem bigger and well-organized with different departments to handle different issues.

More Professional and Earn Credibility

With an email ID on your own domain, you look more professional, create a better business image, get instant recognition, and thus your business earns more credibility.

Get Better Security and More Privacy

Free email service providers offer very little security and privacy features which put your critical business data at serious risk. Having your emails on your own domain make your communication and confidential data more secure as you can add as many security measures as you want.

How to Get Email on Your Own Domain?

Getting an email on your own domain is very easy and you can get it along with Office 365 – Complete Business Productivity Suite from Seawind Solution Pvt. LTD., it offers all in one business solutions including a business class email and helps improve overall business productivity.

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