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Seawind Solution offers news channel website design and online newspaper website solutions with a instant time period of 5 working days with all the development and design process for newspaper, media, news channel industry, and even for individual freelance journalists.

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  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Polls
  • Image Gallery
  • Unlimited Pages, Categories, Widgets
  • SEO Optimized
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  • Responsive Ad Spaces
  • Membership System with Social Login
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While technology is having an extraordinary and exceptional growth across the globe, mass media has been given a new shape. Newspapers have gone digital as each and every one of them provide e-paper and online news website services. Digital media has become an integral part of modern society and a potential challenge to the print media. Since the number of people who are using Internet is increasing day by day, the challenge will be going high in coming years.

Online news portals play an important role as 24/7 news outlets. They bring the news to the readers with ease and fast and provide all related links they are searching for. Most of the news portals allow their readers to comment on the information, giving them a space for interaction. Rapid growth in the mobile and internet technologies and the introduction of smartphones and wireless networks are the main factors that give a big boost to online media.