Add Me to Search: Google Virtual Business Card


Posted on 2020-08-13 12:42:59, by Seawind

In this digital era world, the only constant is change. The same can be said as the digitalization that we are existing in.
Google has now launched ‘People Cards’ in India, an efficient way to become discoverable digitally online.

Google now lets you add yourself to Search with the People Cards feature rolling out to mobile users in India. As a virtual visiting card for people to find on top of search results, when they look up a name.

The essence is to create a virtual visiting card for individual creators, freelancers, influencers, and professionals.

Gaining a presence in search results as an individual can prove to be challenging, especially for those who aren’t famous or share the same name with many other people.

Here’s How to create your own virtual business card on Google Search

Step 1: Log in with your Google account on your smartphone and simply search for your name.

Step 2: Just type 'Add me to search' and tap on 'Get Started'

Step 3: Select the image from your Google account or Google will take you to the page 'Edit your public profile'. Here, Fill in the Personal Information.

Step 4: Put in your educational and professional background along with your social media profiles to make your card more accessible.

Step 5: Review your credentials thoroughly before you confirm the details.

Step 6: Your virtual business card will be created and will go live in a few minutes.

This functionality will enable businesses and even individuals to reach out to a wider audience organically. The platform also has a security measure in place in case of the abuse of user information and data online.

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