Covid-19 Is Accelerating the Shift Towards Digital Transformation


Posted on 2020-10-30 14:17:45, by Seawind

Covid-19 Is Accelerating the Shift Towards Digital Transformation

Digital exposure has been opened to such extent with the outflow of the pandemic situation coronavirus which accelerated the Adoption of Digital Technology toward the global economy and creating opportunities for millions of new businesses.

Digital transformation is the most strategic topic nowadays. Shifting of organizations to digitize their presence is the new agenda.

As business scrambles to adjust to new normal will some the economic canvas :

Digital Nationalism: As a large part of the economic value is increasing from the new technologies, digital innovation. The rapid investment in big tech valuation. The expectation of the expanded regulation of digitalization will increase the merger and acquisition activities.

Digital Labour: The tech giants have already become dependable on digital work as automation machines and accelerate the shift towards digital automation. Automation has exceeded the future but as the condition towards the pandemic COVID19 it lets the usage more and the businesses want to leverage dependability on the digital platforms and continue dependability on it after the crisis continues and reduces the labor dependence on personnel. This could actually be the perfect storm for the widespread adoption of such digital technologies.

Future Workspaces: The working approach to people is growing as the pandemic has transformed the people towards the work, mobility and flexible working models. The acceleration work delivery models as well as the employment constructs.

Digital Skills: The innovation as per the technology increasing the power of the companies in the market. Depending on the professional skills and digital skills this is the high time to switch the digital talent base and leverage the digital skill foundation.

As-a-Service Models: With more economic uncertainty around, customers/businesses would seek to engage suppliers or partners on outcomes, and not on classical material/service supplies. We expect many businesses to restructure their propositions to align with this new landscape and bundle their solutions on outcome/as-a-service models. Digital platforms would either form the backbone of the delivery of such propositions.

Capital-Conscious Models: The digital product or solution partners to be innovative in offering cashflow friendly solutions toward investment for digital implementation. Many of the companies are looking at the gaining model which could accelerate the digital journey over the organization.

Technology Foundations: As per the organization increases many over a large companies technology gets accumulated over time, as it goes through multiple technology cycles. This may provide the leaders to identify opportunities to overcome this technical debt. It helps to free flow cash over and helps in leverage for future digital investments.

Organizations are now leveraged to be stronger to digital transformation with the response to current crisis also gives the opportunity to align their model or organizations or businesses to rapidly changing business landscape such as sayings that never let a good crisis go waste.

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